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London Wine Competition 2022

Winning at wine - Our London Wine Competition 2022

It is a pretty rare thing to find yourself completely at a loss for words but Tuesday morning of last week whilst scrolling through the iPad reviewing the results of the London Wine Competition was one of those days we found ourselves looking at each other in disbelief. 

"What?! It's says.... it can't... can it?! Ross Hill Pinnacle Series Chardonnay awarded 'Best in Show Chardonnay." I exclaimed. 

"What?! Actually?!" Screamed Becky, whilst positioned in a forward lunge during her morning online PT session. "You can't be serious!" Followed by a long pause which then led onto a quick bout of screaming and dancing around the living room.  

Yet there it was as plain as day.... written, published and sent off into the wine world for all to see. Ross Hill are friends and partners from the brilliant terroir of Orange, New South Wales, confirmed as world beaters.   

We knew starting the shop that the Australian Wine Industry had a lot to offer beyond the big names of the Barossa, and it is our chosen mission to bring these hidden gems into the UK market. It's a tremendous vindication as new comers to the industry to have such a judging panel (including several Masters of Wine) concur that the wines we love are up to their exacting standards.

London Wine Competition Judges Panel

Sharing the news with Ross Hill was one of Becky's favorite moments to date, the reaction from James and the team was so joyous and such a validation of all the years of effort that go into producing fabulous wine. We are so grateful that they've entrusted us with representing them in the UK and we can't wait to compound this success into bigger and greater things. 

It's worth highlighting that whilst the Pinnacle Chardonnay stole the show, Ross Hill also scored silvers and a bronze with respect of the rest portfolio we submitted. Needless to say we will be sending a few more of Ross Hill's wines into the competition next year, James is adamant that if they thought the 2019 vintage was good the 2021 is on an altogether different level. Becky and I are desperate to sample it and the good news is that an order is shortly going on the water so you too can enjoy the new vintage, especially if you've not been lucky enough to get your hands on the 2019, as it's in very short supply now!   

If that news wasn't good enough, the whole portfolio had a terrific day out in front of the judges. Our friends at Sew & Sew took two Golds for their Contour Pinot Noir and Syrah, along with Silver for their Contour Chardonnay. I'm a huge fan of the Contour range of Sew & Sew and Matt's passion is thoroughly rewarded here by the judges scores. Keep an eye out over the year ahead as our range of Sew & Sew wines expands!

Further cementing the growing reputation of the Orange Wine Region our mates at Angullong had a great day with two Silver Medals for their Crossing Reserve Shiraz and Cab Sav respectively. Becky and I both love the expressions of the cool climate influence in wines from Orange and both Angullong and Ross Hill exemplify this. I predict in a few years time Orange will be entering in the commonly known and respected New World Wine Regions to the knowing consumer alongside such regions as Barossa, Coornawara, Margaret River, Adelaide Hills, Mornington Peninsula etc. we are looking forward to being part of the story that makes it happen.

To have managed this all within our first year of trading makes it all the more special but all credit is due the fantastic winemakers in our portfolio who have made this possible. We are delighted for their success at the LWC and we will continue to champion these terrific wines in the months and years ahead.

For now though we will opening ourselves a Pinnacle Chardonnay to toast the success of Ross Hill and their tremendous news as Best in Show Chardonnay 2022 at the London Wine Competition.   

The full list of results and links to their pages are below:  

Best in Show - Chardonnay & Gold Medal Winner

Gold Medal 

Silver Medal 

Bronze Medal


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