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Grape: Corvina 50%, Corvinone 30%, Rondinella 15%, Oseleta 5%
Vineyard: Tommasi Viticoltori
Origin: Veneto, Italy
ABV%: 15%
Colour: Ruby red
Aromas: Intense and clean scents of very ripe cherry, black cherry, wild berries followed by fresh and slightly spicy tones.
Flavours: Dry and soft at the same time, enveloping and of great balance thanks to the excellent balance between acidity and tannins. The whole tasting is embellished with a very pleasant tannic texture, which fades towards a finish of excellent persistence, with light hints of red fruit.


The Tommasi family’s Classic wine par excellence. Its elegance and structure, roundedness and complexity make this wine truly unique.

The Vineyard

From the prestigious La Groletta and Conca d’Oro crus, in the hilly Valpolicella Classica zone. 

Winemaking Techniques 

The anomalous climatic trend saw a dry and harsh winter, with little rainfall only in February. In Spring, temperatures below average were recorded and production, especially in the hills, underwent a decrease. Thanks to the temperature changes of the second decade of August and the rains of September, the grapes arrived in the winery perfectly ripe. We carefully selected the best grapes and waited a few more days to harvest in order to have a high-profile Amarone.

Manual harvest and selection of the grapes, followed by drying for about 3 months in a well-ventilated loft. Fermentation in stainless steel for 25 days at 25°-30°C 3 years’ maturation in 35 and 65 hl Slavonian oak casks.

Serving Suggestions

Its elegance and structure make it perfect with game, red meats or mature cheeses. It is also an ideal accompaniment for lengthy conversations.

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