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The OMWS Story

The OMWS Story

Like so many good stories, many things start by chance. Becky and Tom's interest in wine began as consumers and with the events of 2020 confining them to home it created the opportunity for Becky to apply that passion with the rigours of the WSET Level 2 and 3 examinations. Becky's initial intent being simply to wider her horizons and knowledge to enhance her enjoyment of wine!

Whilst Becky worked towards her WSET goals, friends from Tom's time of living in Australia learnt of their shared enthusiasm for learning more about the trade. They asked if they might consider setting up a small shop as they had a number of relationships with boutique vineyards who didn't have representation in the UK. 

This chance led several months later to getting licensing cracked, a website created, international shipping navigated (including a blocked Suez Canal), family support for warehousing and with stock acquired, they were ready for distribution thanks to the support of five fantastic Australian vineyards . 

The name 'One More Wine Shop' is a joke based on - who would be daft enough to start a shop in such a competitive and fragmented market place. Becky and Tom hope that the punch line to this joke is that all stock in the shop is bought directly from the vineyards ensuring competitive pricing whilst providing premium wines that are exclusive to the UK market.

Becky and Tom are grateful for the support of your custom and can't wait to introduce you to more undiscovered wine from around the world as the business grows. 

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