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After his native Piedmont, Angelo Gaja was compelled to risk starting something new – all at a time in life when most would have rested on their laurels. Inexorably drawn by a unique piece of land and the promise of his dream – to bring his winemaking expertise to Maremma – Angelo made the long drive from Barbaresco to Bolgheri.
Ca Marcanda, purchased by Angelo Gaja in 1996, now has 120 hectares of vineyard and a superb winery that combines simplicity, efficiency and architectural brilliance. Located in Castagneto Carducci in Bolgheri, the family set about planting the property with international grape varieties.
Their ‘business card’, as they say in Italy, is ‘Magari’, a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc and 10% Petit Verdot. It is soft, forward and juicy. Their flagship wine is ‘Camarcanda’. While early vintages had as much as 50% Merlot in the blend, more recent vintages are made predominantly from Cabernet Sauvignon complemented by Cabernet Franc, with Merlot relegated to other blends.
Ca'Marcanda Vineyard

The Ca’ Marcanda winery was built from scratch – was completely dreamed up by Angelo; whereas Piedmont was built over five generations. This new winery was built exactly as he wanted it after 40 years of experience. The layout and design allow for the precision necessary to craft exceptional wines, albeit with minimal intervention. GAJA made a significant investment in a state-of-the-art winery that blends in with its surroundings. Today is is practically completely invisible – and becoming ever more  so year after year. This is because the winery is built underground. The architect had them dig a huge hole, and then used the stones that they pulled out to build walls and all of the surrounding ground area to cover the estate. Today, eight years since its completion, Ca’ Marcanda stands alone as a unique contribution to the history of winemaking.

The winery is itself a work of art: not only is Ca’ Marcanda one of Italy’s leading producers of wine, it is an “art object,” an art collection, and a study in ergonomics, where aesthetic ideal, humanist proportion, nature, and functionality come together to create an ideal working environment. The 5th generation is developing innovations at Ca’Marcanda that will continue their family’s legacy.

Ca'Marcanda Tuscany

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