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Marques De Murrieta, Rioja

Marques De Murrieta is a Rioja winery with a long and storied history.
The vineyard was founded in 1852 by Don Luciano Murrieta, who was inspired by the great Bordeaux chateaux he had visited on a trip to France. Don Luciano set out to create a Rioja wine that could rival the great wines of Bordeaux, and he succeeded in creating some of the first Rioja wines that were aged in barrels.
Marques de Murrieta
The winery has been passed down through the Murrieta family for generations, and is currently owned by the Marqués de Murrieta y Dal-Gallegos family. The winery continues to produce high-quality Rioja wines using traditional methods.
The traditional method of producing Rioja wine involves fermenting the grape must in open-air vats for several weeks. The wine is then transferred to barrels where it undergoes a secondary fermentation and ages for at least a year. This process results in a complex, full-bodied wine with pronounced tannins and a long finish. Rioja wines made using the traditional method are typically cellared for several years before being released, allowing them to develop even further complexity and depth of flavour.
Marques de Murrieta Winery
The wines produced by Marques de Murrieta are some of the finest examples of Spanish wine available today. With grapes sourced from their own estate they produce a wide range of reds, whites, and rosés that are coveted by collectors and connoisseurs alike.
Marques de Murrieta's wines exhibit excellent balance between acidity, fruitiness, and tannins. They have a lovely aromatic character that is complex but not overwhelming, with notes like wild flowers and red berries. These characteristics make them an ideal pairing for dishes featuring fresh vegetables or rich cheeses.
Marques de Murrieta Winery Rioja
If you're looking to sample some truly spectacular Spanish wines, be sure to check out the offerings from Marques de Murrieta. You won't be disappointed!
One More Wine Shop picks are the:
  • MARQUES DE MURRIETA GRAN RESERVA RIOJA 2012 - Deep ruby red color, with complex aromas of ripe fruits and spice. Rich flavors of blackberry and dark chocolate are framed by a long finish of elegant tannins. This wine pairs well with grilled meats and creamy cheeses, or can be enjoyed on its own as an after-dinner drink. With mature berry notes at the forefront
  • MARQUES DE MURRIETA RESERVA RIOJA 2016 - The Reserva Rioja has a deep ruby color and a nose that opens with aromas of brambly dark fruit, sweet spice, and violets. On the palate, this wine is rich and full-bodied with balanced acidity and well integrated tannins to create a long finish. The flavors are dominated by notes of dark cherry and blackberry, with hints of oak for added complexity. This is a classic example of the Rioja style and would pair well with a variety of hearty foods.
Marques de Murrieta Vineyard
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