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Agiorgitiko is a red wine grape native to Greece's Peloponnese peninsula. It is one of the most widely planted wine grapes in Greece and is known for its versatility in producing a range of wines from light rosés to rich, full-bodied reds with dark fruit flavors and plush tannins. The grape is the sole variety permitted in the Nemea region and performs well in the hot Mediterranean climate there. Barrel aging, using a variety of local and imported woods, is commonly used to enhance the aging process of Agiorgitiko wines. In Nemea region, the grape thrives in the semi-mountainous vineyards between 450 and 650m, producing balanced wines with full ripeness and acidity. However, it can be a challenge to grow as it is susceptible to mildew and rot. The grape is named after Saint George and is thought to be one of Greece's oldest varieties, historically associated with the demigod Heracles.
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