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Barbera is a red wine grape variety that is native to the Piedmont region of Italy. It is known for producing fresh, light-bodied red wines with low tannins and high acidity. Barbera is commonly used in Piedmont's Barbera d'Alba and Barbera d'Asti wines, and is also found in other regions such as Emilia-Romagna, Puglia, Campania, Sicily, and Sardinia. It is one of Italy's most widely planted grape varieties, known for its bright-red cherry character when young, and a denser, sour-cherry note when aged in barrel and in bottle. Barbera's soft tannin profile sets it apart from Nebbiolo, its more prestigious Piedmontese counterpart. It is also found in other countries such as South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and California, and is often used in varietals or in blends.
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