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Carignan Blanc

Carignan Blanc

Carignan Blanc is a white grape variety that is found in the wines of southern France and northwestern Spain. It is usually used in blended white wines with other local varieties such as Grenache Blanc, Terret and Viognier. Carignan Blanc makes a fresh, citrussy wine with good acidity.

Carignan Blanc is not as widely planted as it once was, it is still found in the vineyards of the Mediterranean coast, particularly in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is not a major grape variety in any AOC-level appellations, so varietal Carignan Blanc wines are usually labeled under the IGP Pays d'Herault or simply as Vin de France.

Despite Carignan Blanc's high quality, it is not well suited for commercial winemaking as it requires low yields and careful sorting. Carignan Blanc is also susceptible to powdery mildew which has led to many growers abandoning it for more commercially viable grape varieties. Today, Carignan Blanc wines are considered a rarity.

In Spain, the variety is found in small pockets of Catalunya, where it is known as Carinyena Blanca and Samso Blanco.
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