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Catarratto is a white grape variety mostly found on the island of Sicily, Italy. It is mostly used to produce light, easy-drinking white wines and is one of Italy's most commonly planted grape varieties, making up 60% of Sicily's total vineyard area. Catarratto is high-yielding and is mostly used as a blending component in white wines or as a major ingredient in Marsala wines. Despite its reputation as a lower-quality grape, careful vinification by dedicated producers can produce good wines with juicy texture and crisp lemon flavors. The grape is also permitted in Alcamo and Etna DOC wines, and is often blended with other varieties like Inzolia, Grillo and Chardonnay. DNA testing in 2008 suggested that Catarratto is probably a descendant of Garganega, a key white-wine grape variety in northeastern Italy's Soave wines.
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