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Inzolia (also known as Ansonica) is an Italian grape variety grown in both Sicily and Tuscany. It was traditionally used in fortified Marsala wines but is now mostly seen as a crisp, dry white wine, both in blends and as a single variety. Inzolia wines are moderately aromatic, with nutty and citrusy characters and herbal notes. The origin of the grape is debated, with some believing it is native to Sicily and related to other Sicilian grapes like Grillo and Nerello Mascalese, while others argue it is related to the Roditis and Sideritis grape varieties of Greece. Today, it is found across Sicily, particularly in Palermo and Agrigento, and is used as a blending grape in many of the island's DOC appellations. In Tuscany, it is known as Ansonica and is planted in the coastal Maremma, as well as on the island of Giglio. Some producers in Tuscany are experimenting with techniques such as fermenting the grapes on the skins to add extra flavor, as Ansonica has unusually high levels of tannin for a white wine.
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