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Malbec is a red wine grape originally from France, but it is now widely grown in other regions around the world. In France, the grape is primarily grown in the Cahors region in Southwest France where it must constitute a minimum of 70% of any AOC Cahors wine. In the past, Malbec was also a major component in Bordeaux blends but due to the 1956 frost, the surface area of Malbec in Bordeaux was greatly reduced. In Argentina, Malbec has found a suitable home in the sunny and warm conditions of the Andes Mountains, where it develops a thicker skin and a deeper concentration of flavor. Argentine Malbec wines from high altitude vineyards in Salta province, are considered among the most respected South American wines. The exact date of the first Malbec plantings in Argentina is uncertain but it is believed to have been introduced by French viticulturalist Michel Aimé Pouget in the 1800s. In terms of flavor and aroma, Malbec wines typically have dark fruit notes such as blackberry, plum and fig, and can also have notes of chocolate, coffee and tobacco.
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