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Nerello Cappuccio

Nerello Cappuccio

Nerello Cappuccio is a dark-skinned grape variety from Sicily, mostly known for its use in the red wines of Etna and Faro. It is usually blended with its cousin Nerello Mascalese, which is more commonly found in plantings and considered to be of higher quality. On its own, Nerello Cappuccio makes a soft and richly colored wine with cherry flavors on the palate. The grape thrives in the volcanic soils of Mount Etna, particularly at higher altitudes, resulting in elegant and structured wines. It ripens slightly earlier than Nerello Mascalese but also buds relatively early, making it susceptible to spring frost. Nerello Cappuccio is mostly used to lend color and perfume to Etna's blended wines, as well as softening out some of Nerello Mascalese's harder edges. Outside Sicily, Nerello Cappuccio is also grown in a few Calabria DOCs such as Lamezia, Sant'Anna di Isola Capo Rizzuto, and Savuto.
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