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Palomino grapes are mostly found in the Jerez region of Spain, where they are used to make Sherry. The variety is known for its neutral flavor and low acidity, making it a good fit for the unique winemaking style of Sherry. The chalky and lime-rich soils of the Jerez region allow for the grape to achieve the must weights required for Sherry production. The grape is mostly used in dry, flor-affected fino and manzanilla styles, and the more oxidative amontillado, dry oloroso and palo cortado variants. Palomino is also grown in California, South Africa and the Canary Islands, where it is used to make Sherry-style wines, brandy and neutral grape spirit. The grape is named after Fernán Ibáñez Palomino, a military officer who was important during the Reconquista period.
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