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Pecorino is a white wine grape variety originally from Marche and Abruzzo regions in Italy. It is known for its dry and mineral wines that are straw-yellow in color and have floral bouquet of acacia and jasmine. The variety was thought to be extinct by mid-20th century but was rediscovered in the 1980s by a local producer and has since seen a growth in its plantings across Marche, Abruzzo, Umbria and Tuscany. Pecorino offers high acidity and sugar content, making it very useful in the winery. It thrives in higher altitudes and is allowed as a blending partner in Falerio wines, alongside Passerina and Trebbiano. The Offida DOCG is Pecorino's key appellation where it is the only DOCG-level that allows varietal wines from the grape. The name Pecorino means "little sheep".
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