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Pignolo is a dark-skinned grape native to Friuli, Italy. It has a reputation for producing high-quality, deep-colored wines that were once popular with the monks of the region's ancient Abbey di Rosazzo. It is now enjoying a resurgence in Italy, making tannic, rich wines with blackberry and plum flavors. Pignolo is a difficult grape to cultivate, with low yields and high tannins that can cause problems during vinification. However, wines made from Pignolo are strong and structured, with plump tannins and balanced acidity. They are often aged for 24 months or more in oak barrel before being released and can age for many years. Pignolo is included in few DOC-level appellations, and many examples are made under the regional IGT title. The word "pignolo" means "fussy" in Italian, and it is also connected etymologically with various other grape varieties as the "pigno" suffix means pinecone, referring to the shape of the bunches.
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