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Plavac Mali

Plavac Mali

Plavac Mali is a Croatian grape variety known for producing robust red wines with flavors of black cherry, pepper, smoke, and spice. The variety is commonly grown on the Dalmatian Coast, specifically in the Peljesac Peninsula, where the Postup and Dingac appellations provide the best-known examples of Plavac Mali wines. The variety thrives on sandy, south-facing terraces above the sea, and is often trained as bush vines to withstand the Mediterranean sun. The grapes have a high sugar concentration, leading to wines that are high in alcohol and tannins, with excellent aging capabilities. Plavac Mali is the offspring of Zinfandel and Dobricic, an ancient Croatian variety. The variety's name comes from the appearance of the grapes: mali meaning small and plavac referring to the blue color of the berries.
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