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Vermentino (Rolle)

Vermentino (Rolle)

Vermentino is a white wine grape grown in the western Mediterranean, particularly in Italy, France, and the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. It goes by various names such as Pigato in Liguria, Favorita in Piedmont, and Rolle in Provence. There is disagreement over whether these are synonyms of Vermentino or distinct varieties. Vermentino wines have refreshing acidity and aromas of peach, lemon peel, dried herbs, and a hint of minerality. Its origins are uncertain, with theories suggesting it came from Spain, Italy, or the Middle East. In Liguria, it is used to make the crisp, minerality-rich wines of the Colli di Luni and Cinque Terre.

In Tuscany, it is used to make rich, aromatic wines in Bolgheri. In Sardinia, it is the key white grape and used to make the highly regarded Vermentino di Gallura. In Corsica, it is known as Rolle and is used to make AOP wines. In the United States, it is grown on a small scale, mostly in California, and has not yet gained the popularity of other white grape varieties.

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