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Xinomavro, also known as Xynomavro, is a red wine grape variety grown in northern Greece and to a lesser extent, in the Republic of North Macedonia. It is known for its high tannin and acidity, making it one of the most structurally robust red wines in the Mediterranean. The grapes are blue-black and grow in tight clusters. The wines produced from Xinomavro have classic flavors of prune, strawberry and sundried tomato. The most important region associated with the variety is Naoussa, where its wines are held in high regard. Xinomavro is also widely planted across continental Greece, and is used in various other regions including Rapsani, where it is blended with Stavroto and Krassato to make a dense, full-bodied red wine. Some comparisons have been made between Xinomavro and Barolo wines from Piedmont, Italy, however, it has been disproven that the two have any relation through DNA testing.
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