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Grape: Nebbiolo 
Vineyard: Azienda Agricola Mario Giribaldi
Origin: Piedmont, Italy
ABV%: 14%
Colour: Ruby red colour with brick reflections
Aromas: Hints of blackberry, spread of spices (black pepper) and mint that fades into undergrowth and tobacco leaf
Flavours: The mouthfeel is sweet with flavours of blackberry and cherries giving the energy of pleasant liquorice and coffee. The tannins are present with gentle intensity


The Vineyard

These grapes come from the vineyard Ravera, in Novello at a height 360-380 mt above sea level. The soil is marl - calcareous with a tendency to clayey, with a good permeability. The vineyard has a very good South exposure and the training system is Guyot with 5.000 plants per hectare.

Winemaking Techniques 

Produced in the traditional way where for 15 days “rimontaggi and follatura” take place i.e. the must is pumped over the cap several times a day to avoid drying out, and also the cap is mechanically broken up. This happens at a temperature of 30-35 °C to optimise extraction. The wine is then drawn off, and left in steel vats for 4 months, then is matured in oak casks for 2 years. Up to today, the wine is kept in the bottle in Giribaldi's underground cellar where there is a constant temperature of 16°C.

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