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Grape: 71% Pinot Noir, 29% Chardonnay
Origin: Champagne, France 
Vintage: 2014
ABV%: 12%
Colour: Golden 
Aromas: Soft, almost sweet, intense and deep bouquet of slightly tart yellow peach and red currant fruits

Soft, almost sweet, intense and deep bouquet of slightly tart yellow peach and red currant fruits. Hints of spice, cocoa beans and smoke add to this generous, complex and gastronomic bouquet. 

Broad, fruity and dense on the palate.  The concentrated, ripe red fruit is transformed into nectar… a sensation of sweet concentration which turns to velvet thanks to the silky smooth, almost sensual bubbles.

The is followed by the energy of the limestone freshness and the delicate, smoky notes, typical of the Verzy millstone grit.  The wine lingers on the palate, it is gentle and luminescent.


All Louis Roederer vintage champagnes are made using grapes from their own estate. Fascinated by the aromatic diversity of Pinot Noir in Champagne, Louis Roederer use the structure and power of the Pinot Noir grapes from the Montagne de Reims to create their Brut Vintage blend. Exposed to the north-east, these vineyards produce grapes that mature much slower, thereby making wines that are sometimes rough and closed at the beginning of the ageing process. However, the character of the Pinot Noir intensifies and becomes more refined through long ageing in wood. It is the Pinot Noirs from the Grand Cru rated village of Verzenay in particular that give the champagnes their velvety, creamy and elegant palate.

The Chardonnay from the most east facing vineyards in Chouilly brings the richness and generosity to the champagne. Some of the wine (the percentage varies each year) is fermented in large oak tanks and once in the bottle, the champagnes ages on the lees for at least four years and is rested for six months after disgorgement to attain optimal maturity.

Winemaking Highlights

The blend is 71% Pinot Noir and 29% Chardonnay, with 25% of the wine vinified in oak tuns with weekly bâtonnage (stirring by hand); it has 20% malolactic fermentation.  The Vintage cuvée is aged, on average, for four years in teh Louis Roederer cellars and left for six months after disgorgement to attain optimal maturity.

The dosage is 8g/l

Vintage Highlights

A “weather waltz”, and one with clear, sharp contrasts.  The spring was sunny and dry and ended with a heatwave in June; summer was autumnal, cool and rainy; September was hot, sunny and very dry… weather we would usually associate with the month of August.  The ‘key’ to the vintage lay in the soils as well as in the work carried out by the winegrowers.  The good drainage properties of the chalk on the lower-middle part of the hillside helped us greatly by allowing the excess water from the summer to drain away which limited any excess vigour in the vines.  These factors were complemented by our increasingly eco-friendly viticultural practices which allow us to take our quest for grapes of perfect balance and maturity even further.

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