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Porseleinberg Red 2021

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Grape: 100% Syrah
Vineyard: Porseleinberg
Origin: Swartland, South Africa
Vintage: 2021
ABV%: 13.9%
Colour: Deep red
Aromas: Rich dark fruits and complex aromas of dark berries.
Flavours: Red and black fruits


The estate experienced a chilly and moist winter, receiving a total rainfall of 390.5mm for the year. Budbreak occurred around two weeks behind schedule, beginning in the initial days of October. Favourable, dry, and cool conditions during the growing period kept diseases at bay and contributed to a yield of smaller berries and bunches. A significant 34mm of rain in early November played a pivotal role in transforming the season from challenging to exceptional. From mid-November until the end of the harvest in March, only an additional 14mm of rain was recorded.

The summer's mild temperatures, free from intense heatwaves, facilitated an extended harvest period, enabling us to pick the grapes precisely when they reached their ideal maturity. Harvesting commenced on February 5th and wrapped up on March 3rd. The grapes were carefully hand-picked and whole-bunch crushed into concrete fermentation tanks. We conducted minimal pump-overs with a submerged cap, ensuring the fermentation process remained cool and completed within ten days. Aging of the wine was conducted over 12 months, primarily in 95% foudre and 5% in concrete eggs. The wine was bottled on June 26th, 2022, in our new bottling facility.

Winemaking Highlights

The fourth iteration of utilising the submerged cap fermentation method has further accentuated the distinctive tannin profile of Porseleinberg. Initially understated, the wine gradually unfurls to reveal layers of red and black fruits, underpinned by a mineral core and nuanced with savory spices. The palate is greeted by a crisp texture, where dry, yet delicately fine tannins provide a robust framework for the fruit flavors. This wine concludes on a prolonged, vibrant note, marked by dense fruitiness and a hint of saline minerality. It will be best enjoyed from 2031 to 2035.

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