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Miolo Vineyard


The Miolo family’s dedication to viticulture dates back to the arrival of Giuseppe Miolo in Brazil, in 1897, and their innovative spirit continues to this day. A founding member of the Wines of Brasil project, Miolo Wine Group is one of the main wine exporters in Brazil. There are four wineries within the group, producing around 10 million litres per year from 1,000ha.

Their philosophy is to explore the Brazilian terroir and show the world the potential of Brazilian regions to produce quality wines and sparkling wines. To achieve this, the group has four projects in four different Brazilian wine regions: Miolo Winery in Vale dos Vinhedos (RS), Seival Estate in Campanha Meridional (RS), Almaden Winery in Campanha Central (RS) and Terranova Winery in Vale do Sao Francisco (BA).

The winery produces a wide range of styles and varietals, from entry-level to super premium. But the stand-out range is the Traditional Method sparkling wines – offering high-quality bubbles with great value-for-money.


“Our history began in 1989, and today we are very proud of what we have done so far. Miolo has been recognized and awarded internationally, and our products are shipped to more than 30 countries. This serves as a daily motivation to be always committed to delivering high-quality wines and sparkling wines worldwide." Adriano Miolo


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