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It is our absolute pleasure to introduce to the UK market one of Orange's most progressive producers and the only carbon neutral 'NCOS' certified winery in Australia. 

Started in 1994 Ross Hill is a family run enterprise was the brain child of Peter and Terri Robson who having built the business now entrust it to their children James and Chrissy.

With 18 hectares of vine Ross Hill's attention to detail is prolific managing each vine by hand and maintaining low-cropping rates that ensure their exceptional quality and flavour is delivered into the wine.  

13 hectares of the estate can be found at the Griffin Road Vineyard at an elevation ranging between 750 to 810 metres. Planted over 20 years ago and with the benefit of the cool climate and altitude - all of these characteristics are there to be explored within the glass.  

The Griffin Road Vineyard produces the bulk of the Ross Hill varietals including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc alongside Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Shiraz.  

Griffin Road Vineyard

Complimenting the Griffin Road Vineyard is the Wallace Lane Vineyard which adds a further 5 hectares to the estate. Planted on the rich fertile soils of the extinct volcano of Mount Canobolas the vines benefit from the volcanic basalt soils and the high elevation of 1,020 metres - making Wallace Lane one of the highest and coolest vineyards in Australia. The perfect conditions to produce Sauvignon Blanc, Pinto Gris and Pinot Noir. 

Wallace Lane is also where Ross Hill makes itself at home - having built the estates office, cellar door and winery here.  

In addition to producing wines of exceptional quality, Ross Hill demonstrates that this can be achieved in a rigorously sustainable way. Using innovate techniques Ross Will Wines achieved accreditation by the Australian Federal Government as an NCOS certified carbon neutral winery (one of only 38 companies across all of Australian industry to achieve this principled endeavor). The list of innovations is long and fastidious but examples employed by Ross Hill include extensive user of solar energy, mulching and re-using waste from skins and seeds, reduction of tractor hours by 40%, the use of natural-based fertilisers and low input viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques, along with even employing sheep to graze between vines to manage weeds! 

Peter Robinson put it's best - “Our environmental policy sees no use of chemical insecticides and a reduction of irrigation. Sheep graze between the vines after harvest, naturally eliminating weeds and increase soil nitrogen levels with their hooves. The techniques used are diverse and allow us to achieve our NCOS rating and to funnel the funds saved through the reduced energy costs back into the business.”

Ross Hill demonstrates that quality and sustainability need not be a trade off and we at One More Wine Shop raise a glass to their trailblazing efforts. 
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