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Sew & Sew


Sew & Sew produce exceptional hand crafted wines, where all the fruit is carefully hand selected from a range of different vineyards throughout McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. Sew & Sew wines pay homage to their region, varietals and vintage.
Based in South Australia, Sew & Sew is a partnership between friends, with a shared passion for quality wines and good company.
The Sashiko Range:
The Sashiko range of wines are light, fresh and tasty. With colourful labels, these wines are fun and playful. 
The word Sashiko, literally meaning “little pierce”, is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching dating back to the Edo era in Japan. Sashiko is a time-honoured hand craft, much like wine making is. 
The Contour Range:
These wines are Sew & Sew's premium range and represent the very best of what they do. The Contour wines are elegant and complex, whilst showcasing the varietal, terroir and vintage each wine comes from. 
If you look closely at each label, you will see the contours of each vineyard represented on the label of each of the Contour wines!


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