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Zweigelt is a red-wine grape that is widely planted in Austria. It was created in 1922 by crossing Saint-Laurent and Blaufrankisch grapes, and is now grown in every Austrian wine region. The finest examples come from Burgenland, particularly the Neusiedlersee. A classic Austrian Zweigelt is richly colored with a deep, bright core of spiced cherry and raspberry flavors, and can age well for a decade or so. Zweigelt is also commonly used in blends, often with Cabernet and Merlot to create an Austrian twist on the classic Bordeaux Blend or with its parent-variety Blaufrankisch. It is also used to produce sweet wines in various forms, including strohwein and ice wine. Zweigelt is also grown in other regions, such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Canada, Japan and England. It has also been used as a parent variety in other crossings, such as Cabernet Franc to create Cabernet Moravia.
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