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Kumeu River


The Brajkovich Family have built an exceptional vineyard and winery in Kumeu River. It all started back in 1944 when Maté Brajkovich bought the very first vineyard. However, it was not until 1990 when the land was reworked by  Maté's son Michael and Kumeu River's extraordinary journey began. The first vintage was harvested in 1993, sadly one year after Maté's death.
Today, the  Brajkovich family are international recognised as producing world class wines. Arguably the best Chardonnay in New Zealand, it is by no surprise that Kumeu River continues to win many global awards.
The Vineyard
Kumeu River's 30 hectares of vineyards are predominantly clay soils overlying a sandstone base. During the summer months, these soil types are important to retain sufficient water and ensure the deep vine roots are kept hydrated. This is critical to Kumeu River's grape quality as the vineyards does not require any irrigation.
A 'Lyre' trellis system is used to train the vines in order to help optimise light exposure to aid grape ripening and quality. Kumeu River hand harvests all grapes, allowing all sub-standard grapes to be removed and only produce wines using the highest quality grapes.

Today, Kumeu River annually produces around 250,000 bottles from its own vineyards in Kumeu, and a further 10 hectares from local growers.

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